Corporate Office Address

3284 Northside Parkway, Suite 515  |  Atlanta, GA 30327
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Team Contact Information

Joel T. Murphy
Chief Executive Officer

Michael C. Aide
SVP, Acquisitions

Amy S. Siegal
Director of Leasing

Rusabh R. Ashar
Assistant Controller

Tom B. Stockdale
Senior Associate

Tove A. Smith
Exec. Asst. & Brand Manager

Gaines A. Westmoreland
Accounting Manager

Michelle Rees
Prop. Reimbursment Acct.

Eniola Martins
Property Accountant

Stephanie M. Hart
SVP, Asset Management

Ginger L. Park
VP, Controller

Jason Horne
Director of P.M. & Redevel.

Robert S. Cooney
Senior Associate

Taylor S. Brown
Investments Associate

Jill Lemley-Rajaee
Lease Administrator

David Halusic
Accounting Manager

Jeffrey P. Dilts
Property Accountant

Eun Kyung Cook
Property Accountant

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